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The Launch of ATT on Sunday 27th Oct 2013


Over forty community groups took part in the ‘Celebration of Abergavenny’ event on Sunday 27th October. Despite a being a rather wet Sunday the Market Hall in Abergavenny was bustling with activity from 11 am to mid afternoon.

Those attending this free event were entertained by  young performers and adults, including: The Gilwern School Choir, The guitarist and singer Michael Parker, The King Henry VII School senior drama group, The Abergavenny Borough Youth Band and the singing group Abercapella.

The event was judged to be a big success. ATT was officially launched and we managed to collect a large amount of information about community groups in Abergavenny and the surrounding districts.











Rob Hopkins sent an email to mark the occasion

From Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Town movement

From: Rob Hopkins []
Sent: 23 October 2013 13:06
To: Amber Ponton
Subject: Abergavenny
Hiya.  Here is some text for Abergavenny.
“It is with great delight and humility that, at some considerable distance from Abergavenny on this fine Sunday, I cut this ribbon to mark the launch of this wonderful, glowing, vibrant, shiny new Transition initiative, Abergavenny Transition Town.  Although unable to attend in person, in spirit I am there, my spirity fingers grasping the scissors and cutting the ribbon on this historic occasion.
Transition has become an extraordinary thing.  It is part of what Paul Hawken calls the Earth’s immune system kicking in.  In thousands of initiatives in 44 countries around the world, ordinary people are deciding they are fed up of waiting for some imaginary cavalry to come riding to their rescue, that their destiny lies with them: with the projects they start, the investments they make, the choices they make while shopping, the way they choose to use their spare time.
At its heart, it’s about the idea of community resilience as economic development.  Transition initiatives are increasingly becoming parallel economic development agencies, imagining the future we want and need, and then designing a pathway to get there.  It’s about ordinary people doing stuff: imaginative, meaningful, passion-generating, inspirational stuff.
Transition Network stands ready to help however we can, and you are part of a network of thousands of other initiatives standing by to share their experience and learnings.  On this most historic of days, with the cutting of this ribbon, I feel sure that the great work that will follow from this will mean that in 20 years time, great tales will be told, and great songs will be sung, about today, and the potential and promise that it unlocked.  I promise that even though I couldn’t make it today, I will make it along to hear them.  I look forward to it.
Catalyst and Outreach ManagerTransition Network.
43 Fore Street, Totnes, Devon.  TQ9 5HN.
You can follow my blog here or follow me on Twitter as @robintransition.
My new book The Power of Just Doing Stuff: how local action can change the worldis now published.

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