Abergavenny Energy CIC

Abergavenny Energy CIC is a not for profit company which will build energy security and sustainability for local people as we move into an uncertain economic and environmental era.  The company was incorporated on the 6th March 2014.

The energy generation part of our business will be managed through Cooperatives. The first, “Abergavenny Community Energy (1) Cooperative” is already registered (reg no. 32274R).

As a Community Interest Company (CIC) Abergavenny Energy has a mix of business and social objectives. The company is regulated by the CIC commissioner and will be required to show that it has met its community interest objectives annually.

To meet the community interest test the Company will need to show that it is providing, or is following a process that will provide, the following benefits to the local community:-

  • Local energy self-sufficiency, income generation, reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and hence mitigation of climate change, local employment eg. installation of solar panels/energy saving.
  • Reduction in fuel poverty through lower fuel bills.
  • Reduction in fuel poverty through discounts for bulk purchasing.

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