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Abergavenny Community Canteen takes place once a month, bringing together local people who enjoy cooking and eating.  It raises money for a range of different causes.   The idea for the Canteen was born four years ago and it has been hugely successful ever since, raising approximately £15,000 for local and global causes.
View a list of Commmunity Canteen Funds Raised – Feb 2016 to May 2017

Every Canteen supports a specific project and celebrates the cooking of a particular country or region.  During or after the meal we hear from someone associated with the cause about the work that is being done and how the money will be used.  We also get to listen to some of our very talented local musicians or poets.  The Canteen is becoming increasingly popular and it can provide a vital link to the community for those who are living alone.

The Canteen is based on co-operative principles and this is how it works.  Each meal is planned and prepared by a different group of volunteers.  The food is vegetarian and where possible ingredients are sourced locally, and are organic or Fairtrade.  Everyone attending pays a minimum contribution of £3 towards the meal and any additional donation goes towards the cause for that evening.  Those who haven’t taken part in the cooking are encouraged to help with clearing up at the end of the evening.

If you would like to get involved please contact us at:-

Community Canteen held in aid of Clean Up Nepal. We raised over £400.

Preparing Food Photo - Cath Barton

Preparing Food.
Photo – Cath Barton


Serving. Photo - CathBarton

Serving.   Photo – Cath Barton

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