Awareness Raising


The Importance of Raising awareness among  ATT and wider community members. (the third great social and economic revolution)

Using the work of Joanna Macy as a stimulus to think about the big societal and personal changes that are needed for a sustainable world.

Much has been said about the problems of climate change and peak oil. ATT is committed to planning to reduce carbon emissions and for a future where there is much less dependence on fossil fuels. According to the veteran environmental activist and philosopher Joanna Macy there may be wider issues to consider. Macy suggests that we are now at the beginnings of an environmental or ecological revolution (she calls ‘The Great Turning’) which is comparable to the agricultural and industrial revolutions of the past. The outcomes of this revolution are by no means certain. She thinks there are three key factors that have to be developed together in order to have a reasonable chance of success.

1)   Actions to slow damage to the earth and its beings.

2)   Analysis of structural causes and creation of structural alternatives.

3)   Shift in consciousness.

In short, Macy seems to be suggesting the need for a consciousness ascent plan to run alongside the energy descent plan. In ATT we are investigating the workshop activities which Macy has developed in order to assess how these could be used within our core group and the wider Abergavenny community.

More information on the above can be found by accessing  and clicking the tab “The Great Turning”.


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