Abergavenny Cycle Group


Abergavenny Cycle Group is open to all local people.  We are a group of volunteers who have been working since 1995 for safe cycling in the Abergavenny area. Registered Charity, No. 1070816. .

Cycling is healthy, low cost and non-polluting. It can also be very enjoyable. We want more people to cycle to work, to school, to shop, and for leisure. Using the bike instead of the car for short trips reduces traffic, making our towns and countryside better places to live. But our busy and sometimes dangerous roads deter the inexperienced cyclist. Reviving the everyday cycling habit needs help.

We organise social rides in the area, especially for people relatively new to cycling or who want to take it easy, we campaign for better conditions for cycling in the area and we offer information on local routes, as well friendly group meetings every other month. If you want to find out more, come along to the next group meeting or join us on one of our social rides.


Abergavenny Cycling Santas help switch on the Abergavenny Xmas lights ...


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